From the Colorado Dept. of Education

ELEMENT 1: Learning and Teaching

The staff in a quality Colorado school library program:
1.1 Is essential to the educational program in the school, and is fully integrated in the school’s instruction and activities.
1.2 Integrates information literacy standards throughout the curriculum.
1.3 Actively engages in collaborative teaching and planning practices.
1.4 Promotes, supports, and encourages reading, literacy, and learning in the school.
1.5 Integrates and utilizes technology that is available for learning and teaching.

ELEMENT 2: Information Access and Delivery

The staff in a quality Colorado school library program:
2.1 Provides access to information and ideas by acquiring current resources that support the curriculum, lead to improved CSAP and other assessment measures, and align with Colorado standards-based instructional practices.
2.2 Is structured to provide flexible access to resources in a facility that is inviting, accessible, stimulating, and conducive to learning for individual and group use.
2.3 Promotes and encourages the ethical use of information by students and staff.

ELEMENT 3: Program Administration

A quality Colorado school library program:
3.1 Is staffed with both professional and support staff to ensure full participation in instructional activities and support the school’s standards-based learning practices.
3.2 Demonstrates strong curricular and instructional leadership by supporting the mission and goals of the school with collaborative and active involvement in the school’s curricular goals.
3.3 Has a consistent budget and on-going administrative support to ensure a successful library program.