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Familiar story: early reader - older brother's KG not challenging - so we started a school!
Not feasible or practical for most.

Currently advocating for my youngest, who has mild CP - not an easy road

Tips - What to do/not to do



Advocacy helps you get services for all special education children in the least restrictive environment. Then you can participate, plan for educational programs, and get legislation passed.
Advocacy opens new doors so children may become part of the community. Advocacy knocks down barriers and prepares children for independence. - MARIE A. SHERRETT: Past-President of the Prince George's County, MD, Chapter of the Autism Society of America. From, Assertiveness and Effective Parent Advocacy

The best advocacy is when parents explain their child’s needs, helping decision-makers to understand who their child is and how they operate. The school may know their curriculum, textbooks, bench marks and so forth, but they are never going to know the child like the parent does. This is the beginning of advocacy. - Becoming An Advocate for Your Gifted Student: An Interview with Carol Morreale