CDE has succinctly outlined what is necessary to achieve a "Quality School Library"
Needed is:
  • At least one full-time CDE-endorsed librarian
  • Appropriate clerical and technology support staff
  • Librarian and teachers collaborating to integrate information literacy and content standards
  • Current resources which include books, magazines, videos, computer resources and online databases, etc., in the school library and other locations
  • Supportive administrators who encourage teacher collaboration
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Adequate and consistent budget
  • Well-designed, stimulating, accessible, welcoming, and comfortable environment
  • Librarian who demonstrates professional leadership

Highlighted are those areas in which Stargate Library is lacking. It has come a long way in the last two years, but it may be time to take the next step.

In the two years I have worked here, library visits have more than doubled, from roughly 200 to nearly 500 students, staff and parents using the facility on a regular basis. The space has doubled as well. In finally being successful in having the library used throughout the school day, my time to research and collaborate with others is increasingly limited. I try to fill in the gap with volunteers, which has only been marginally successful; and balance my activities so that I focus alternately on library maintenance and special projects. The result has been that I have a difficult time keeping up with everything. I work long hours, rarely leave for lunch, and still cannot make a dent in the work that needs to be done in the library, while pursuing other activities and projects of professional interest.

One volunteer suggested that I clone myself.

Until science perfects that process, I propose we begin a search for a CDE-endorsed librarian, while I retain the title of and create other functions for the "Information Resource Coordinator". In that role, I will:
  • Support the Librarian, students and staff with up-to-date resources and research techniques.
  • Help to maintain the library, by training volunteers, shelving books, and continue with cataloging and data entry of new materials.
  • Become more of a resource for technology:
    • work with the staff on creating maintaining blogs and websites;
    • work with the tech committee on troubleshooting minor computer issues;
    • maintain quality of upper computer lab and laptops.
    • continue working with the Stargate Event Calendar
    • Work with the Webmaster and become more knowledgeable about the Stargate Website
    • Pursue more ways in which to integrated computer resources into the classroom and assist staff in implementing them.
  • Other projects as they arise, to include conferences, special presentations, and staff development.

What this proposal actually does is reflect what I am currently doing and add another person to allow the library to continue to grow and flourish. In other words, my position is not actually changing. Instead, there will be someone else who is qualified to teach and expand the library into other appropriate, state-recognized roles. Not only would this free up some of my time, but it would be greatly beneficial to the school.

I would anticipate that the Librarian's salary would be commensurate with other Teacher-Librarians in the District, which would be considerably higher than mine. The budgetary impact is that of hiring another full time, experienced teacher.

I have been told that ours is one of the larger library collections in the district, especially for our size. Also, most other district libraries have, and indeed demand, at least one part-time Media Clerk in order to fulfill their library duties. While I do not view my position as that of a clerk, I also do not intend to get the required education to become certified as a Library Media Specialist.