Stargate Library will be a centralized, friendly, comfortable environment and quality resource for the entire Stargate community, that will assist all patrons in locating and obtaining resources quickly and efficiently through digital, local and state sources.

The Library is open every school day, a half hour before school, through the lunch/recess time and half hour after school, for reading and study or other quiet endeavors. Whether you are student, staff or parent, we can help!

  • Books - find one or many - fiction or non-fiction - in this Library, throughout the school district, in local or even state libraries. Library holds 11,000 volumes listed in searchable on-line catalog
  • Research - there are many resources in the Library which have not yet been tapped and there's so much more to on-line research than Google and Wikipedia
  • Guidance on Fair Use, plagiarism and citations available.(Cut and Paste video) Copyright Chart
  • Information on Gifted and Talented issues, classroom materials and differentiation resources.
  • Assistance with the use of the Stargate Website and Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis, feeds, and social networking bookmarks
  • Internet safety tips/strategies available for all ages.
  • A safe, quiet and study space open from half an hour before school to half an hour after school ends, every day. Also open through lunch times for quiet activities.
  • Instruction in effective Library skills and behavior for all grade levels.
  • Six patron computers available for homework or academic research - drop in or schedule ahead.
  • Coordinate S.W.A.T. team (Student Workers Assisting Technology)
  • Coordinate the Stargate Founders Conference